MuzosDirect is a newly-created volunteer network of musicians, media personalities, business people, cultural activists, and music lovers from across the globe, who are joining hands to help those in need in South Africa’s music industry.
You are invited to become a volunteer, contribute cash and/or help spread the word. Please add your name to a growing list of concerned music lovers.

While we are all facing the same storm, we are not in the same boat.
At the best of times, the music industry is a challenging existence. Now with the loss of income, most musicians are experiencing increased hardships, without a solution in sight.

Since the first Covid 19 case was reported months ago, live gigs and non-contractual teaching posts have dried up. This situation is set to intensify.
While relief systems – assisted by music unions and associations – are in the process of being established, the broader music industry has, to date, had no direct relief or assistance from government.

Compounding this challenge is that many older musicians are not on the system due to a lack of digital access or know-how. Widows and dependants of recently deceased musicians are also facing food challenges. This global crisis does not exclude younger artists and industry support services either.
Their immediate need is for food, hygiene products, facemasks, and in some cases, medical supplies.

This program will assist them, as well as musicians who do not have any access to patronage or a support system who are in urgent need of help right now.

SABC News has reported on the plight of local musicians. Watch its report here:

(The photographs on this site and on all advertising platforms for this campaign represent industry support and do not necessarily depict relief recipients)